Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is my newest project. Lacey and my son Brady are becoming new parents in a few months. Mykla is having a baby shower for them at my home, and this is the wreath I'm putting on my door for the occasion. It's made out of baby diapers. So CUTE!

Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My latest project

I joined a table runner swap and this is what I came up with

I'm Back!

Where have I been no where Just being lazy I've had no motivation. I was lying in bed trying to sleep and I keep thinking you’re so lazy even though it was only 4:00 AM you started your blog for your family something that they could look at and read when you’re gone or whenever I guess it's a journal of sorts. So I decided to get up and just write whatever is on my mind. I don't even know if anyone even reads my blog anyway. So maybe I'm just doing this for myself.

I've have been so blessed throughout my life. Yes I have been tested in many ways, but I am so grateful that I understand that this is part of the Lords plan and I need to have the good with the bad so I can truly be grateful for all that I have been given.

Gary and I have been married for 38 years, was it a smooth road not even, although are love as always been very strong we also had our differences. When we married I already had two children and Gary had three. From the start I felt we needed one together to bring all of it together so when we had been married one year Garrad came along and 5 years later Brady, and yes it made our family complete. Gary adopted Mykla and Corey in 1979 and they became ours. I really feel that Gary's three daughters Jeanie, Brenda and Lori truly love me no I'm not their Mother, but I hope I'm a runner up.

I have been blessed with two wonderful friends that have been my friends for almost all my life. They are Pat and Lynda How many of you could say your still friends with someone after 60+years. Pat as always lived close and we talk on the phone on a regular bases, go shopping together help each other with whatever project we have going on and so on. Lynda moved to Las Vegas when we were 14 but to this day were still best of friends. Gary and I do our traveling with Lynn and Lynda. Our Grand kids think there grandpa and grandma also. Both of these friends have let me unwind on them they listen to all my troubles and our always there for me. How blessed am I.

I have felt the loss of loved ones. In 1973 my Daddy passed away at the young age of 50 he had suffered from MS for 25 years and it took its toll on him. In 1996 at the age of 71 my Mother passed away from Cancer. In 1999 my brother Terry was killed he also was only 50. In 2007 my brother Ronny passed away from heart failure. I miss all of them so much and everyday I think if I would have known that they were doing to move on would I have done anything differently. The answer was a big YES. I wouldn't have let a day gone by without letting them know how much they meant to me.
I'm so grateful that if I live my live accordingly I can be with all my love ones again.

I have also felt the joy of being a Mother and a Grandmother to 24 wonderful Grandchildren. Sometimes it’s very hard to watch our own children go through the challenges of raising their children. there are so many temptations out there to tempt them the Adversary is trying so hard to take hold of all of us, and we can't let him win, and the best way to do this is to teach our children that when there tempted they have a loving Father in Heaven that will be there for them all they need to do is ask. No were not guarantee that are life's will always be rosy but we are promised that if we always try and do what is right, and if we do something wrong that if we repent for it we can someday be with our Father in Heaven and all are loved ones again. Sorry I didn't mean to go off like that, I'm so far from perfect that I am really not the one that should be preaching, but I love my Father in Heaven and know that no matter what I have to face I can count on him to be there for me.

A lot has happened since I last posted. Gary retired over a year ago, so he is home with me and the day care. I know this isn't easy for him, and he really would like me to retire also, but I like that money in my pocket to help me with my addiction to shopping. I'm truly Afraid to retire; I need to have a leap of faith to know everything will be OK. I know the time will come and I will know when it is and I will retire.

I've had a few health problems. In December of 2010 I had heart surgery. I have suffered with migraines most of my life. Mykla keep telling me that she knew of someone that also had migraines and found out she had a hole in her heart she had it taken care of and doesn't suffer from migraines anymore. I'm thinking sure Mykla whatever. Long story short after 2 years of her nagging me I went to a heart specialist and yes I had a hole in my heart. I had the surgery and I haven't had a migraine since a MIRACLE! When they done the surgery they found a pocket of blood clots just waiting to either kill me or I would of had a severe stoke they dissolved them and closed my hole. Mykla saved her mother’s life.

I also suffering from Fibromyalgia it makes me really tired and I ache all over at times. The aches like I used to get when I was growing up. You know those leg aches that the Doctor said were just growing pains.

Anyway long ago I decided that I didn't want anything to get me down and I would choose to be happy, so that I did. I'm just one happy camper (I hate camping though) HA! HA!