Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today is are youngest Grandson Trey's birthday.
Trey is so fun to be around. He loves numbers
if he's not counting he's measuring something.
He's been this way since he could first talk and
could count and recognize numbers at a very
young age.
He has the cutest little dimples around.
Happy Birthday Ray Trey. We love you to
that mountain to that mountain.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is my babies birthday. Brady is 30 years old today (boy that makes me old). Brady is my rock at times. He can say things that always make me feel better. I love you BJ

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OK, I joined my first swap, it's a apron one. I was really excited to do this until I got the information on who I would be making the apron for. It's a secret swap so I can't say who it is, but looking on her blog I'm feeling a little intimidated she makes aprons to sell so you know she has to be a great seamstress. I've done my share of sewing, but my speciality is draperies. So all I can do is my best and hope she will like it. Here is a peek at the fabric I will be making the apron out of.
I really need to get my Christmas blogging done.

This years Christmas was a very good one. We had Garrad back from Iraq so that alone was a plus. I had my Brother and Sister's Christmas party first, instead of me fixing dinner we all decided to go out to eat and then we return to my house for dessert and to visit. It was so very very hard to not have Ronny with us this year. We also miss Terry. I hate the thought of us getting smaller. Losing a loved one is so very hard. Ronny's wife Janice came with there son Tyson he's such a great kid and he's also very handsome. Here's some pictures that I took of all of us that night.

The three sister's

Kathryn checking out the Christmas tree.

Me trying to get Tyson to smile for the camera.
I didn't do to well did I.

Gary and I. We should make it our New years
resolution to loss enough weight that we could
both fit in this chair together comfortably.



This is the only picture I could get of Janice
you have to sneak up on her.

Larry and Kathryn

Randy and Becky

We had our family Christmas party the Sunday before Christmas. This seems to work out well because everyone seems to not be as busy and we can usually get them all here. Brenda and her family live in Mesa Arizona and didn't make it home this year for the Holidays. They were missed. Hopefully their coming to visit in February.

I love having a basement with a large family room and a kitchen. With 22 Grandchildren and 7 kids and there spouses, Cindy's family we need a lot of room.

This year I decided to have the traditional Christmas dinner. Ham, Church potatoes, baked beans and salads with a lot of desserts.

I love having my family together. I could tell that my Grandchildren are growing up because the house seemed a little more calmer, we even played a few games of Christmas bingo and could hear Mykla calling the Numbers ( I mean, since it was Christmas bingo she called things to do with the Holiday).

Everyone loved there gifts and Gary and I loved ours. Thank you kids for being such loving caring children, your Dad and I love each of you so very very much.

In this picture you can see the crowd, (and
this picture is only showing about half of
us). Now you know why I'm so grateful
for a big basement family room.

Cindy talking to Garrad

Cody, Tyson & Kyler

Bailee, Kalee and Alexis

Hagen, Trey, Nash & Kaiden

Cody, and Brandon in the chair

Gary and myself just happy to be here

Hagen with Trey and Alexis taking
a break on him.

Brady and Heather and Heather's two kids

Mykla standing, Kara and cute Abbie and
Kami's back.

Jeanie,Shayne, Nick and Lori and a little of Jim

Gary, Cassie, Cassie's friend, Kara, Marissa
Kami holding Abbie.

The happy bunch, Michelle, Bert, Hagen
and Trey.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I Have really been lazy. Well maybe not I have just been to busy with Christmas stuff that I got behind on my blogging. We had two family birthdays in December.

First our oldest daughter Jeanie. Jeanie is the Mother of Three wonderful boys and she also is over the stroke unit at Utah Valley Hospital. She is a very busy lady. We enjoy anytime that we spend with her, and love her dearly. Happy Birthday Jeanie

The second birthday is our Daughter in-law Michelle. Michelle is such a special daughter in-law see is always there to help me out when every she can.Happy Birthday Michelle.

Thanksgiving Week

Lynda and Lynn riding there Segways

My Thankgiving dinner. Which one looks best?

Gary's Thankgiving dinner

Down on the river walk

The Zebra deciding if it wanted to get in the car with us.

Inside the caverens

Our Handsome Husbands

There cute wife's I love Lynda's outfit.

For Thanksgiving we decided ( or should I say Gary decided to go to San Antonio Texas. Usually our Kids come to our house every other year and this was the year that they would not be coming. Gary had forgot that because of some circumstances some of our kids had know where else to go, but the reservation had already been made and paid for so there was know turning back. Thank you Mykla for feeding you brothers. Our friends Lynn and Lynda Williams from Toquerville went with us. Lynn and Lynda came to our home and stayed the night before. The morning November 22 we when to the airport in Salt Lake City and got our flight to San Antonio. Upon arriving in San Antonio we got one rental car. It was a Chevrolet HHR and it barely had room for the luggage, Since I always pack for a month. Lynn and Lynda had a GPS system that made it easier to navigate our way around. We drove into San Antonio where we stayed at the Wyndham La Cascada Resort and it was really nice it had all the conveniences of being home The river-walk was just behind the resort and made it very convenient. Also, the resort had a complementary shuttle that ran between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM that we could use to get around the city. When we arrived at the resort our rooms were ready yet, so we decide to go down on the river-walk to Rosario's Mexican Restaurant. The map we had wasn’t very clear and the GPS didn’t really work when we were walking, so it took us awhile to find the place after walking about five blocks the wrong way. The walk back to the resort was exciting. We decided to walk back along the streets and that was okay but there were birds roosting along the way and we got hit with bird droppings.

The morning November 23 we drove to Denny’s and had breakfast on our way to church. After breakfast we drove to the San Antonio First Ward and attended Sacrament Meeting. On the way to church we stopped at the San Antonio's historic missions. The people at San Antonio First Ward were very friendly and made us feel welcome. After Sacrament Meeting we returned to the resort.

November 24 we when to Natural Bridge Cavern and Wildlife Park. The cavern were very pretty a little warm in them though. The Wildlive park was really fun take a look at the pictures

November 25 we when to the Alamo and seen a movie about it.

November 26 Lynn and Lynda wanted to ride the segways, so we went down by the Alamo where the segway dealer was. Look at the cute pictures of Lynn and Lynda riding there Segways Lisa you'll like these pictures.

Thanksgiving day November 27 we had dinner at Mi Tierra’s Mexican Restaurant. They served a traditional thanksgiving dinner and everyone but Gary had that. Gary had Mexican steak dinner. I tasted it and it was so much better than mine.

November 28 we drove back to the airport in San Antonio to fly back to Salt Lake City. We drove to Orem and had lunch at Red Lobster before Lynn and Lynda left for Toquerville.

We always have such a fun time when ever were with Lynn and Lynda. Were so blessed to have them in our lives. For those of you that don't know, Lynda and I have been friends since 3rd grade. When Lynda was 14 she moved to Las Vegas and when she married she moved to California and eventually she moved back to Las Vegas and about 6 years ago they moved to Toquerville, Utah But through all this our frienship was always there. Our husband get along will also. How blessed we are. I hope after I show all of you the pictures of them on there Segways they'll still love me.