Monday, October 6, 2008

My Dad Harold H. Memmott

Today is my Daddy's birthday he would be 86 years old today. Daddy passed away at the young age of 50. He had suffered from MS Multiple Sclerosis for half is life. He discovered he had MS at the age of 25. This was the year I was born 1947.

Daddy was a very hard worker he owned his own trucking business. I can remember many times in my teenage years when he would leave early in the morning walking out to his truck only to return in the evening having to crawl on his hands and knees to the house because his legs could not carry him. He never gave up though he would get up the next morning and do the same.

I believe it was about 10 years before is death that he was confined to a wheel chair. This was very hard on him because he was such a hard worker and it broke his heart to see our Mother have to go to work everyday to support our family. Daddy would always have Mothers supper ready and waiting for her when she returned home. Just a note: Daddy could make the best fried potatoes I have yet to taste.

Daddy spoiled me rotten I was his little blond bomber. I could give him my pouty lips and I would get what ever I wanted.

One of my favorite memories is watching Daddy taking Mykla and Corey on rides on his wheel chair all over his neighborhood, they loved there Grandpa so very very much. I wish that my other children could have known him.

I'm so very thankful for our eternal plan, and I'm looking forward to someday seeing and being with my family that has gone on before me. Daddy, Momma, Terry, Ronny, and all my Grandparents, but I hope it's not to soon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

Love you lots.


Lisa said...

Judi, sounds like your dad was very special. What a blessing that you have such wonderful memories of him! You have a beautiful family!

Tiffany Robinson said...

you sure do have alot of birthdays this time of year! That is wonderful to hear such good memories of your dad. My sister also has MS. She found out when she was pregnant with her last child who is now 8.