Monday, July 27, 2009

Kalee Bug
Layna and her new Granddaughter

Kara, Brandon & baby Alexis

Our ward float
Garrad, Syndi Kaylee & Kael

Brady holding Chloe

Little Kyler holding his sister Kaylee's hand I love this picture

Cindy, Michelle, Gary, Corey holding Trey, Casey, Brady throwing one of Kami's kids in the air.
As you can see we all went to the 24th of July parade as I have for as long as I can remember. To get a good place to sit we have to go down the day before around 10:00 AM and set in the spot we want you can't put your chairs out until 6:00 PM so it makes for a long day. Were running out of people to set their all day because we all work, but Casey went down and saved the spot for us this year, Thanks Casey. Next year we decided that we have to go even earlier because when Cindy took Casey down there wasn't many places to choose from. So hopefully we can find someone that would love to set out in the hot sun for like maybe 10 hours. Maybe a little money will do the trick.

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The Magnificent Ambersons said...

Hey Judi just wanted to stop by and say Hi! This is Heidi & Ryan's mom Valerie. Heidi still talks about you a lot. She wanted to call you this morning and tell you all about her preschool she started on Monday. My kids sure love ya. Talk to you later!