Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Garrad

Garrad's modeling shot

Mr Utah All Natural Garrad Johnston
Today is our son Garrad's 35 birthday. It's really been a ride with Garrad From the minute he was brought home from the hospital our lives changed. Garrad didn't like to sleep EVER! as soon as you would pick him up he would settle right down. Our doctor told us that I needed to make sure all his needs were made and then put him in his infant seat and let him cry and soon he would realize that the crying wasn't working and he would become more content so I tried this. While I listened to him cry I was crying just as hard but after awhile it did work somewhat. I also discovered that he liked to watch TV. so that's where Garrad spent a lot of his time while he was an infant. When he started walking he would wonder all over the house day and night we would try and put him in our bed so we could all get some sleep, but he liked is freedom, he also loved butter he would get it out of the fridge and hide in his closet and eat it. When anyone would come and visit us he would have to be the center of attention. His favorite thing to do was become the incredible Hulk. He also like to dance he could really move his booty. To this day Garrad still likes to be noticed I think that's why he got into body building.
Although Garrad makes our life interesting most of the time, he has grown into a wonderful young man and his life is on the right track. I have always admired Garrad for his will power. When he sits his mind to something he will go all the way to accomplish it.

Garrad I'm so proud of you and of the way you are living your life. Thank you.
Love, Mom

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