Friday, June 19, 2009

Our Second to the oldest Grandchild Hagen has been on adventure of a life time. Him and Three of his friends left in April for Europe. I was so worried about him going, because all I could think of was when Gary and I were there last year and we got lost and we couldn't find anyone that talked English we walk and walk for over Two hours and finally we found a store owner that understood Taxi and called us one.
All I here from Hagen is I'm having a ball don't worry Grandma. I have been able to chat with him through facebook a few times and that was nice.
His Mom Mykla keeps her computer on facebook at all times. She keeps the sound way up then when Hagen is on line she can here it. Were looking forward to his return in August. Anyway I wanted to share a few picture that he has send.
Hagen just before he leaves

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Lisa said...

what a fun adventure for him! i LOVE the apron you made for my mom. so cute!!