Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OK, I joined my first swap, it's a apron one. I was really excited to do this until I got the information on who I would be making the apron for. It's a secret swap so I can't say who it is, but looking on her blog I'm feeling a little intimidated she makes aprons to sell so you know she has to be a great seamstress. I've done my share of sewing, but my speciality is draperies. So all I can do is my best and hope she will like it. Here is a peek at the fabric I will be making the apron out of.


Lisa said...

I love the fabric! I'm sure yours will be the cutest one there. By the way...I love the soap you made for my mom. Way cute idea!! You'll have to let me know how you did it.

Latharia said...

*grin* Never be intimidated ... just be inspired & then create things in your own fashion!