Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We had our family Christmas party the Sunday before Christmas. This seems to work out well because everyone seems to not be as busy and we can usually get them all here. Brenda and her family live in Mesa Arizona and didn't make it home this year for the Holidays. They were missed. Hopefully their coming to visit in February.

I love having a basement with a large family room and a kitchen. With 22 Grandchildren and 7 kids and there spouses, Cindy's family we need a lot of room.

This year I decided to have the traditional Christmas dinner. Ham, Church potatoes, baked beans and salads with a lot of desserts.

I love having my family together. I could tell that my Grandchildren are growing up because the house seemed a little more calmer, we even played a few games of Christmas bingo and could hear Mykla calling the Numbers ( I mean, since it was Christmas bingo she called things to do with the Holiday).

Everyone loved there gifts and Gary and I loved ours. Thank you kids for being such loving caring children, your Dad and I love each of you so very very much.

In this picture you can see the crowd, (and
this picture is only showing about half of
us). Now you know why I'm so grateful
for a big basement family room.

Cindy talking to Garrad

Cody, Tyson & Kyler

Bailee, Kalee and Alexis

Hagen, Trey, Nash & Kaiden

Cody, and Brandon in the chair

Gary and myself just happy to be here

Hagen with Trey and Alexis taking
a break on him.

Brady and Heather and Heather's two kids

Mykla standing, Kara and cute Abbie and
Kami's back.

Jeanie,Shayne, Nick and Lori and a little of Jim

Gary, Cassie, Cassie's friend, Kara, Marissa
Kami holding Abbie.

The happy bunch, Michelle, Bert, Hagen
and Trey.

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Tiffany Robinson said...

How Fun!! You are surrounded with lots of family and Love!! It is amazing how many people you can fit in your home.