Monday, February 23, 2009

I got my tickets that I won to the 3D movie with the Jona's Brother. I thought well there will probably be 2 tickets, but no there were 12, yes I said 12 tickets. So this is the plan. Bailee takes a friend, Kalee takes a friend, Kaiden takes a friend, Alexis takes a friend, Mykla and myself go. And if I don't want to be scalped by my beautician Jaida, her daughter Bret and her are going. Thats 12.

Oh boy I feel a headache coming on. My little Grandkids better love me for this.

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Lisa said...

Wow 12 tickets?!? that's great! i'm sure you will have a great time. i hope it's not like the time i took DeeLynn's kids to the Pokemon Movie. (I still haven't recovered from that yet!) By the way...if you happen to win any trips to Europe remember me!