Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today is my Mothers birthday. She would be 84 years old today.

Mom was one of the most ambitious people I have ever came across. She was a clean freak. She taught her children well in this department. She always said get up in the morning and git ur done. When you have finished eating get up from the table and clean up then, not later, and most of all don't waste time.

Mother's yard was a master piece. Mom had artificial knees and couldn't bend, but to see her yard, you would have thought she had a gardener work for her.

Mom lived to be 71. Mom found out at age 62 that she had cancer after going through cancer treatments we thought it was gone. But at age 70 she started to suffer with it again. It had went to the bones so we knew her time would be short. I had the privilege of bringing her in to my home and cared for her until her passing. We shared many special moments that were just hers and mine. At this time it was like we had changed rolls. I was caring for her needs and giving her advice as if she was my child. I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to be there for my Mother in her time of need.

I love you Mom!

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