Thursday, February 5, 2009

My dear friend Lynda's daughter Lisa posted this on her blog. With her permission I've added it to my blog. But first my life is at a point where my children our grown and have children of there own.

There were times in some of our children life's when there families lived with us while waiting for there homes to be built. I remember on Saturday mornings waiting for Kalee and Kaiden to come up and jump in bed with us for hugs and kisses, this happened every Saturday with out fail.

When Michelle lived with us, every night before Nash and Trey would go to bed they would sneak up stairs to scare Grandpa and Grandma, and then give us hugs and kisses.

I loved it when Gary would put the Grandkids on his lap and like his Dad did to him and is brothers and sister sing A Captains Ship, jumping them up and down, they would giggle and giggle and say more Grandpa more.

For 5 years Gary and I had the privilege of having our Grandson Kyler live with us. He was 10 when he came. What a joy it was to have him with us. I really feel he was where he needed to be at the time. I really think he helped keep Gary and me feeling a little bit younger. He moved back with his Mother in January of 2008. It broke my heart to let him go, but he is doing just fine. I don't really know if I could of went through the teenage years again, but I would have done anything that was needed of me. I think the Lord was watching over us and Kyler's time with us was done. I hope we done right by him. Kyler was truly a blessing to have in our home.

I'm lucky right now to watch Nash and Trey every week day while there parent's work. Michelle brings them to me very early in the morning so they jump in bed with me for a few minutes, and we talk and giggle. Grandpa gives all of us a kiss good bye on his way out the door to work, and then they help me make the bed. I LOVE IT!

Before I know it all my Grandkids will be grown and like there parents they to will go out into the world to make a life of there own. So I say to all of you enjoy the moment!

Thank You, Lisa for reminding me to also enjoy the moment.

because of me and in spite of me
By Lisa Williams Conk
throughout my day i think of that country song "you're gonna miss this" often. the lyrics are something like this "you're gonna miss this, you're gonna want this back, you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast". everytime i hear it i cry because i know that it is true.
one day i am going to miss

*waking up to find a child in my bed

*breaking up fights

*having their friends over to play

*being a chef, chauffeur, and a maid

*their little voices saying 'mommy' and 'i love you'

*the hugs and kisses they so generously give me now

*them wanting me to play with them

*story time at the library with meggie

*playing the wii with dallin

*hearing their unabashed laughter that comes all the way from their toes

*the fact that right now they need me
one day they will leave my house and their loud ruckus noise will leave with them being replaced by deafening silence. i hope i can appreciate everyday i have with them. i hope i am a good example to them. i know they learn more by the example you set for them then the words you tell them. at the end of everyday i look back and wish i would have done a few things differently. i hope they forgive me for my shortcomings. i hope they know how much i love being their mommy. it is all i ever wanted to be. i hope they gain a testimony of the gospel for themselves but know that their mother has a strong testimony as well. i hope they know there is nothing i love more in this world then them and their father. i hope they grow into the wonderful, loving, noble people they are meant to be, because of me and in spite of me.


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

That was a great post. it gives me hope that someday I'll cherish the chaos that ccmes with 6 kids!

There is a pattern for the padfolio. It should be at Gracies this week!!!

Tiffany Robinson said...

And this is why John talked me into having one more child.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you are a clever girl. Love your stories. Mom

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was Judi's blog. Hi Judi!-Lynda