Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have been on a winning spree lately. Believe me I'm not complaining keep them coming. First I won Shannon White's quilt pattern and fat quarters for her fabulous quilt, oh I can't forget the chocolate she had for me. Anyway right now I'm waiting for channel 4's Good Things Utah to call me back. I entered there Thursday contest for ticket to the Jona's brothers concert. About 9:00 AM this morning they called me and ask me if I would like to try and win the tickets. Oh yaw I would, so they said they would call me back at 10:00 to ask me the winning question. I sure hope the day care kids are quiet enough so I can pull this over, (Pray for me).

I'll finish writing this when I see if I won. Phone Ring! Phone Ring! I'm waiting.

I Won! I Won!

I hope this luck continues.


Lisa said...

congrats! i never win anything. who are the tickets going to?

Tiffany Robinson said...

WOW that is awesome!! You are good luck I guess.